July to September

Birding in July
In July, the Red Sea continues to be the main attraction. Not only are Pomarine and Long-tailed Skuas possible, but also an impressive showing of terns as well. Be ready for Crested, Lesser Crested, Bridled and White-cheeked Terns. The salt pools are already attracting southbound returning waders from Eurasia, but of special interest from mid-month, is the regular appearance of ‘hippolais’ warblers in certain Acacia wadis near Eilat. Day counts of up to 13 Olive-tree and single Upcher’s Warblers have been recorded in recent summers.

Birding in August
August – European species are now on migration and each day the trickle of migrants becomes stronger. However, it is not until later in the month that flocks numbering thousands of White Storks and Honey Buzzards pass through over the Western Negev, where some will roost in the fields. A wave of Lesser Grey Shrikes usually appears around the 25th, with good numbers passing through to early September.

Birding in September
September – greater varieties of passing raptors increase towards the middle of the month, the main migration taking place well west of Eilat, mostly through the Western Negev. Amongst the waders might well be the odd Terek Sandpiper or Black-winged Pratincole. Impressive gatherings of Sand Martins and Swallows form spectacular roosts in sewage farm and canal reed beds. Sooty Falcons are quite easy to see as they hunt waders and hurindines over wetland areas.

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