Birding Tours

Birding Tours in Southern Israel

To book birding tours for Spring 2013 contact us.

A one-day tour in your vehicle is NIS 800, and in our off-road vehicle it is NIS 1440, in the southern Arava, within a 50 kilometer radius from Lotan.

We offer multi-day tours too, please contact us for more information. Such tours can include a full day in the southern Arava, a touring day to the Western Negev, a day at Uvda valley and surrounding Negev plateau. It is best to build the tour to your requirements. We can go raptor watching in the Eilat mountains at the right season, or go up to the central Negev to have a look around in Mitzpe Ramon, Sde Boker, Be’er Sheva region and elsewhere.

For reservations at our guest rooms, please contact Daphna at The rooms are comfortable, with an ensuite bathroom, kitchenette and refrigerator. We have free Wifi internet access. All rooms are ground-floor, without long corridors to walk through. You open the door, and you are outside.

The main advantage of staying here, is that when you open your front door, the birds are right outside. You do not have to come down from a top floor, go past the lobby, through a manicured garden which will not attract many species and drive to see your first birds. The birds hop around here on the grass,  and in the trees. Since this is a small green spot in the desert, it attracts all kinds of migrants, yielding some surprises every year.

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  1. Richard Dean Vanier says:

    After Passover, around the 19th I will arrive in Israel. I want to plan a pre-tour birding trip before the group arrives on the 26th. Is it possible for me to fly into Tel Aviv, travel south and join a trip for a few days. Please let me know if this is viable, and what would costs be and lastly the easiest way to travel. If convenient we could set up a Skype call, just send me an address.


    R. Dean Vanier

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