Birding Field Reports - 2009

Late April 2009 Gallery

Levant SparrowhawkPaul and Andrew stayed On Lotan for 10 days during the second half of April. Besides targeting Levant Sparrowhawks, Andrew and Paul arrived in the midst of a nice wave of migrants and got some really nice images. We are happy to post a selection of pictures taken by the guys.

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The third Eilat Birding festival was a great success!

Little Green Bee-eaterThe open coach tours drew a serious crowd and the Specialty tours filled fast and were excellent. Over 220 birders from Israel as well as 10 other nationalities took part in the festival activities, lectures and tours.

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Late April 2009 Observations

Semi-collared FlycatcherSpring is changing color, warmer days and nights replace the winter coolness, preparing for the long hot summer. Misty mornings make way to bright blue skies, nearly white around midday. The sun sets late which makes for nice long afternoons. Birding is very enjoyable as this is one of our favorite periods in the spring migration. Here are some of the significant sightings during April.

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Mid march 2009 Rarities – Kittlitz Sand Plover, Black Bush Robin and more

Kittlitz Sand PloverSpring migration is in full swing and the mornings are cool and full of passerine calls, as Short-toed larks, Pipits, Yellow Wagtails, Sylvia Warblers and more start to appear in numbers at every green spot in the southern Arava.

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Early spring in the southern Arava – Late February 2009 

Lichtenstein's SandgrouseSpring is upon us. As in past years, winter 08-09 was an extremely dry one for the region. The few major weather systems that hit Israel were late in the season and stayed well north of the southern Arava and Eilat.

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Demoiselle Crane – Anthropoides virgo

Demoiselle Crane  Anthropoides virgoHula re-flooded area – February 2009

Early February 09' - During his work on Common Cranes Grus grus Itai Shanni found an adult Demoiselle Crane in the cranes feeding area. The Demoiselle Crane was quite approachable and kept to the edge of the huge Common Crane flock for the duration of its stay.

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Asian Desert Warblers Sylvia nana in the southern Negev

Asian Desert Warbler"Yesterday 28/1/09 I went ringing with Yosef kiat at Hameishar, S Negev. Our aim was to study Asian desert Warblers - and we succeeded in catching two birds. They weren't too difficult - one bird responded well to a recording and was trapped without coaxing, while the other bird was moved towards the net quite easily.

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Winter 2009, welcoming the New Year with rare Wheatears and more

Oriental Skylark2009 is here and with it a rather temperate winter bird wise .All heads are looking south to the mess going on in Gaza. Let us just say that we hope things will settle down fast with long term results and minimal casualties for both sides, so we can once again focus on birds and not on the harsh dealings of man.

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