Steppe Grey Shrike at Yotvata showing some real muscle

30th October 2007
Images copyright of Lior Kislev

Steppe Grey Shrike Larus meridionalis pallidirostris is a rare winterer in open desert and semi agricultural habitats in the Southern Arava region.

Every year single birds winter in the region and the Yotvata area has hosted quite a few individuals of this handsome species in recent winters.

Lior Kislev found this Shrike on the 30th of October near the Yotvata circular fields, and witnessed it hunting down a Red throated Pipit.

Using a compost heap as a perch, the Steppe Grey Shrike caught the Pipit in a veryraptor like fashion.

The Shrike "grounded" the Pipit with its powerful legs and then killed it with a few powerful blows to the head using its beak.

It then proceeded to carry the Pipit in its beak and upon taking off transferred it to its feet for easier flying.

That is one aggressive Shrike. We would like to thank Lior for his great action shots of this rare and interesting bird.

Stay posted.

Jonathan Meyrav  

Steppe Grey Shrike
Steppe Grey Shrike
Steppe Grey Shrike
Steppe Grey Shrike
Steppe Grey Shrike
Steppe Grey Shrike

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