Joe Hammond's Spring 2002 Digiscoping Collection

Hi James,

This is Joe Hammond from Ohio here. I was the person with Adam Goloda from 15-31 March who had a Nikon 995. Anyway, I didn't want you to think I had forgotten about sending photos your way. I've got several ready to go (15 in phase one), but still have more. I haven't even started a trip report yet. I will get all of that to you at some point.

We had a great trip and netted 219 total bird species. I missed a few of those, but still ended up seeing 171 new ones. I think I'm still recovering from it! And Adam probably never will!

I hope migration is going well over there. Things are really getting busy over here now. By the way, we had a black-throated gray warbler just east of Columbus two days ago.

Take care,


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Blackstart, Shizzafon, 19 March 2002 Crested Lark & White Wagtail, Shizzafon, 19 March 2002 Pharaoh Eagle-Owl, Yotvata, 21 March 2002
Pied Bushchat, Eilat Bird Reserve, 20 March 2002 Ruppell's Warbler, Kibbutz Lotan, 21 March 2002 Spur-winged Plover, Shizzafon, 19 March 2002
Citrine Wagtail & Yellow Wagtail, KM-19 Sewage Ponds, 19 March White Wagtail, Urim Fields, 17 March 2002 Woodchat Shrike, Shizzafon, 19 March 2002
White-spectacled Bulbul, Ein Avdat, 18 March 2002 Greater Flamingos, KM-20 Salt Ponds, 21 March 2002 Greater Sandplovers, KM-20 Salt Ponds, 21 March 2002
Little Stint, KM-20 Salt Ponds, 21 March 2002 Little Ringed Plover, KM-20 Salt Ponds, 21 March 2002 Ruff, KM-20 Salt Ponds, 21 March 2002

All digiscoping photography courtesy of Joe Hammond ©

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