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Red-necked Stint - A New Bird for Israel
All digiscoping photography courtesy of James. P. Smith ©

15th April 2003 — Full credit for this extremely exciting find must go to Daniel Gelbart and Barak Granit. Their first rate identification and quick thinking allowed a number of Israel's birders to see the first new species to be discovered in the country since October 1999, when an Oriental Pratincole was seen in Beer Sheva.

Red-necked Stint (Calidris ruficollis) is a long distance migrant that breeds in eastern most Siberia and winters from Southern China south to Australasia. However, it does have a reputation for vagrancy with several records from Western Europe, and has even reached the Atlantic coast of the USA.

Today's observations were made at Eilat's north sewage pools and the Ein Evrona salt pools, where the bird commuted frequently between the two places but eventually gave wonderful views alongside Little Stints in the late afternoon light.

All of the included images were taken on 15th April 2003.

Good birding,

James Smith & The Birdingisrael Team

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Red-necked Stint Red-necked Stint Red-necked Stint
Red-necked Stint Red-necked Stint Red-necked Stint