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Our Bird Picture & Digiscoping Gallery has grown faster than expected, so we thought it was time to make it easier for our visitors to navigate through the maze.

The links below are organised chronologically where the latest collection appears first and the earliest last. Note however that all collections date from 2002. We thought that this format would further facilitate navigation.

We've added an instructive article on Digiscoping, courtesy of Trevor Codlin (http://www.digiscoping.co.uk/). Recommended!

Enough said, let us begin the show!

Bar-tailed Desert Lark

Kibbutz Lotan, ecotourism, birds, birdwatching, Israel, Eilat

Slide Show

Avi Meir Bird Photo Collection Spring 2004
Digiscoping Records Spring 2003 (all presented now in the various sections of the site -- see Spring 2003 index)
Digiscoping at Kibbutz Lotan (Fall 2002)
David Soskis's Spring 2002 Collection
Joe Hammond Spring 2002 Collection
Desert Vistas surrounding Lotan

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